Our Idiot Brother

Ned (Ned Rochlin) is an idealistic and all around nice guy. He’s just selling his organic dynamic harvests on a market, when he’s being approached by a cop having a bad day, looking for some weed. Ned offers him some and since the cop won’t accept it for free, takes some money and therefore goes straight to jail. Eight months later, he’s released on parole for good behaviour, but his hippie girlfriend now has a new guy and will even keep his dog. So he needs a new place to live and stays with his mother. But since that’s not working out for him, he goes to crash with his sisters… and messes up their lives.

A comedy drama with several storylines connected through Ned. Now, unlike the mix of comedy and drama I saw a few weeks ago (50/50), this one is focussing more on the comedy part. Actually this is like a romantic comedy, that’s stronger on the funny side and swaps the romantic for drama, while also keeping some of those romantics. Complicated? No, it’s just to show how indifferent I am about this movie. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s not really good either. It’s nice to watch, but doesn’t show anything new. Actually you know the side-stories from many other romantic comedies, just shortened down to the basic stuff. Again, that makes me indifferent, for it makes those stories more bearable, but then again it’s leaving things out and still makes it predictable. So my general recommendation for this movie is: Meh.

Link: IMDB: Our Idiot Brother

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