Trailer Dream

Yesterdays trailers before the sneak were nice… Indiana Jones and Star Trek. I already love this year. It’s like geek-o-rama. Can’t tell you how eager I am to see those. (Don’t you dare to make crap movies out of those titles and break my heart, hollywood. I still have hope for ya, really.)

The other trailers… The Call, The Game Plan… all unintentionally scary in their own ways… and I already seem to have cleared my memory of the last trailer… not a good sign. But the actual film was good. I really have to catch up those reviews.

2 Gedanken zu „Trailer Dream

  1. Suse

    Geekorama indeed, glad you enjoyed yourself. Last film i saw was an extreme chicflick (Juno) I loved it, don’t tell anyone.

    BTW, I got Ratatouille on DVD “but he is ruining the soup!!!”

  2. Oliver Artikelautor

    I want one of those Indiana Jones hats :D .

    Juno at least got the Oscar for Best Writing (Original Screenplay), so you’re excused ;) . The trailers didn’t do it for me, though, so I guess I won’t see it on the big screen.

    Seems like you enjoy cooking rats. That explains why one of your first pictures in Israel was in front of the McD ;) .


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