Archiv für den Monat: Mai 2008

Indiana Jones 4

We went to the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull preview a week ago. Good thing is, they didn’t fsck it up entirely. Even better is, I mostly enjoyed it. Almost a good movie. Just the end wasn’t that thrilling. Missing some tension, some action, some story, some content… or maybe it just had too much X Files in it. Probably a mixture. Aside that, a nice sequel, which just can’t hold up with the prequel. (Okay, but Lucas and Spielburg should appologize to the hardcore fans.)

But iirc, they stated to do this movie old style, with only a minimum of CGI. So, why do I see so much that came out of a computer? Heck, the first thing they showed wasn’t real (and if it was, give PETA a call). Sure, it’s not as bad as with many other movies. But one shouldn’t brag about something they won’t do.
Just my two cents.

Now, a funny thing came along afterwards. Some Russian Communist Party members want to ban the movie, ‚cause it’s anti-Soviet propaganda that distorts history. They are afraid that the teenagers, who are not aware of what happened in 1957, might believe the Soviets were chasing after crystal skulls. So they not only think that their kids missed a few history lessons, but also imply that the modern russian teenager is just frickin‘ stupid and can’t distinguish obvious fiction from fact. Better tell them that the world did not get run over by aliens, like in various movies. Hey, we Germans should sue Hollywood as well, since our youth might believe Nazi Germany has been hunting down whip-wielding archeologists in search for a golden box filled with dust or the ancient goblet of a mere carpenter. And better call New-Delhi and give them a hint where they can find the Sankara Stones, which help them solve all problems.

And as a final related thing, I got myself a fedora. Not the wool-made official one, which isn’t more than a non-authentic gimmik, but a real fur fedora. I wonder why all the other movie-goers were eyeing me at the preview. Anyway, I’m considering to become a regular hat wearer. If it just weren’t ruining my hairdo…