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The Mist

It all started with a nightly storm that rampaged through the neighbourhood. The next day David Drayton notices a fog bank moving from the mountains down the lake towards town, but thinks nothing of it. Together with his son Billy and his neighbour Brent Norton he drives down to the supermarket to get supplies, finding out that it wasn’t their sole idea. While waiting in line, the fog reaches town, propelling screaming people. An injured man urges them to close the door. Not a moment to late before the scream filled fog reaches the market. Soon it gets quiet again. Very quiet, too quiet. But in the hours to follow, it get’s more and more obvious that there’s still something alive out there. Something that isn’t friendly.

The story was okay, but it wasn’t that appealing and on top of it very predictable, especially the end. It wasn’t frightening at all to me, not even shocking. A lot of what happened felt unmotivated and made no sense. At other times something started to happen… and that’s it. But the movie can be counted as an interesting study of human behaviour in extreme situations, which is at the same time one of the difficulties. The problem is, that the story is very dependent on a large set of different characters. But most characters and actors were just about decent. Stupid stereotypes and dull played. Even David Drayton, the leading role played by Thomas Jane, didn’t do it for me, he just went along and I couldn’t see a reason why he was chosen by the others to be their leader. Though, I think the role of Mrs. Carmody was written very well and played outstanding by Marcia Gay Harden. The whole cinema felt about the same way towards her, from annoyance to hatred. Most heroes and villains don’t manage to get that kind of reaction from the complete audience. After that follows Toby Jones as Ollie Weeks and then a long nothing. The CGI is so so. While the creatures are interesting designed, they’re implemented badly into the movie. As long as they are out in the mist, you won’t notice. But when coming into a clear area and even in contact with real objects and people, it’s too obvious that they are fake. Regarding the directing and the work of the rest of the team, I find nothing more worth mentioning, so let’s stay with that.

Concluding I’d say the movie isn’t all bad, despite my dissing. It was okay as a time killer and if you enjoyed other adaptions of Stephen King, you might enjoy this one as well. You could place it somewhere between Dreamcatcher and The Shining, but far away from The Shawshank Redemption (which is still one of my favourite movies).

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